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Military Service

Revolutionary War and before

William BoothRevolutionary War
David BrasfieldRevolutionary War Patriot (NC Voucher #94, Dec. 30, 1780 & No. 2707, Jun. 1783 claim).
David BazwellRevolutionary War.  Served in VA and NC. 
Robert Bazzell / BozwellRevolutionary War.   Died from wounds he received in the battle of the Eautaw Springs.
Solomon BishopRevolutionary War.  S.A.R. book KY Revolutionary War Pensioners: Nelson County, KY.
Thomas John Bishop Revolutionary War
Moses Cavet IICapt. in the Revolutionary War, died in King’s Mtn. battle 1780.
Patric Cavitt Revolutionary War
Andrew Cavitt (Patric Cavitt’s son) – Revolutionary War
James Cavitt (Patric Cavitt’s son) – Revolutionary War
John Cavitt (Patric Cavitt’s son) – Revolutionary War
Sylvester ChunnServed in the Revolutionary War as a Private in the VA Continental Line.  He was listed on a Valley Forge Muster Roll dated 1778 as a 3 year enlistee.  He was in Capt. Thomas Thweatt's Company, 14th VA Regt of Foot, Commanded by William Davies. He was in the battles of Brandywine Creek, Monmouth Court House and Germantown.
William ClaiborneCol. in the VA Militia
William Fitzgerald, Jr.Maj. in the Revolutionary War
Henry Flood Major in the Revolutionary War.
John Flood Revolutionary War.  From DAR book Plymouth Library:  John Flood 1758 - 8/16/1826  m. Mary Fuqua "Sol VA".
Moses Flood (served with brother Noah) – Revolutionary War.  He was at Yorktown when Lord Cornwallis surrendered. Noah Flood (served with brother Moses) – Revolutionary War.  He was wounded and permanently disabled in the war.
Thomas FloodRevolutionary War
William Flood (b. 1756) – Died in the Revolutionary War
John FontaineRevolutionary War
Absolom FranklinRevolutionary War and War of 1812
John GeorgeRevolutionary War, Wilkes County, GA
Phillip GoodbreadRevolutionary War
Unknown GrimesRevolutionary War.  According to grandson James M Grimes in the AR 1890 Goodspeed Biographies, his grandfather Grimes was a Captain in the Revolutionary War.
Reece P. GullettRevolutionary War
Beverly Harris (b. 1763) – “Colonial Soldiers of the South 1732-1774”, page 861.
Patrick HenryCol. in the Revolutionary War.  The Virginia Convention formed two provincial regiments, and by a narrow vote appointed him as commander of the first regiment and senior officer of the entireforce.
Jesse Henson, Sr.Served in the Revolutionary War as a Private in the VA Continental Line.
William Jackson (b. c. 1755) – Revolutionary War.  Served in Brandon's Regiment.
George Booth Malone (b. 1737) – Revolutionary War Patriot.  Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine, April 1934, page 246:  Revolutionary Patriots, Brunswick County, VA, compiled from records in the State Library, Richmond, VA. 
Lewis MaloneRevolutionary War Patriot.  Daughters of the American Revolution Magazine, April 1934, page 246:  Revolutionary Patriots, Brunswick County, VA, compiled from records in the State Library, Richmond, VA.
William Malone (b. c. 1744) – Revolutionary War
John Marshall, Jr.Revolutionary War Patriot
Samuel Pool Revolutionary War.  He was drafted into Capt. Kennedy's Co. 26 July, 1777.
Giles RandolphRevolutionary War Patriot.  He was paid by Voucher No. 4805 when he furnished supplies to NC.
Luke B. SmithCapt. in the Revolutionary War.  Taught Military Science at V.M.I.  Professor of Prince Edward Academy (now Hampden-Sydney College) in Prince Edward Co., VA.  Trained by drilling students onthe school campus for military service to the colonies in the American Revolution.
John Stith (b. c. 1625) – In 1680, he was a Major of the Charles City County militia.
Thomas WestMaj. in the Revolutionary War
Robert Wynne (b. 1622) – Col. in the Charles City County, VA Militia.
Robert Wynne (b. 1685) – Maj. in the Surry County, VA Militia.

War of 1812

Nicholas DarnallWar of 1812.  He served for two years in the War of 1812 and the Creek War.
Benjamin FloodWar of 1812.  He served 1814-15 in the 13 Reg't (Gray's) KY Militia as a Private.  He was in the Battle of New Orleans, LA.
Daniel Flood War of 1812.  He was honorably discharged at Fort Norfolk 18 July 1814.
Joshua A. FloodWar of 1812.  Private in the 1st Rifle Reg. (Allen's) KY Volunteers c. 1814.
William Flood (b. 1776) – Capt. in the War of 1812
Mahala IngramWar of 1812.  Corporal in Co. commanded by Capt. John Craig Dodds in 14th Regt IN. 
Harris SmithWar of 1812

Civil War

Allen Reed CavittCivil War, Private in the Confederacy, Co. A (Woodward's) 2nd KY CAV. He was a teamster (wagon maker).
Hezekiah ChunnCivil War, Confederacy
Benjamin S. CraigheadCivil War, Confederacy.  Died in Confederate War Hospital in Richmond, VA.
David Craighead Civil War.  Lost a limb in battle.
Gilson Craighead Civil War.  Died from wounds in battle in VA.
John Franklin ElliottServed as a Sergeant in the Civil War, 4th CAV Regt, NC Troops.
Henry DeLaWarr FloodConfederate Officer in the Civil War
Thomas Henry FloodCapt. in Civil War, Co. A, 3rd Regt, MO.
James M. Grimes (b. 1826) – Confederate Army Maj. in the Civil War, Co. D, 45th TN IN from 1861 - 1865.
Thomas D. Malone (b. 1841) – Private in the Civil War, Co. G 8th KY Regt, IN (CSA). 
William B. Malone (brother of Thomas D.) – Private in the Civil War, Co. G 8th KY Regt, IN (CSA).
Jacob Dudley MurffServed in the Confederate Army during the Civil War in Co. I, 13th Miss Regt.
A. William N. RandolphServed in the Union Army during the Civil War as a surgeon ,17th KY Reg't CAV.
John Randolph (b. 1829) – Chaplain in the Union Army during the Civil War.
John George Rodery Civil War.  He wasenlisted by Capt. Will Reed at Chalk Bluff, AR under Capt. Price Williams, Co. F 3rd Confederate Regt IN.  He sustained a wound to the right shoulder at the battle of Shiloh.
George H. WilfordCivil War, Co. D, 8th Reg., KY, IN.  Died while guarding salt mines, Providence, TN. 
James David Wilford Civil War, Confederacy.  Died in the war.
Thomas Jefferson YatesCivil War, Confederacy
George W. YatesCivil War, Confederacy


Paul Carpenter Private in WWI, Co. C., 411 IN.
Christmas Toy William “Taugh” ElliottWWI and WWII
Charles Ennis Flood Private in WWI, Btry D 25 FA
Haskel Flood WWI
Robert Haden FloodPrivate in WWI, 3rd Army, American Expeditionary Forces.  Served
in France and Germany as a Quartermaster with Repair Unit 310 Motor Transportation Corp.

Georgia Lester King WWI
Leslie Lee KingWWI, Battery E 325 FA, 84th IN DIV 325th FA Bat (105mm Howitzer) Camp Zachary Taylor, Louisville, KY.
Clarence Leon Penney (b. 1895) – WWI and WWII
Guy Yandell SmithWWI
Herman SmithWWI


John Henry Elliott Private First Class in WWII.  He was buried in the U.S. Military Cemetery, Limey, France.
William Orlando Elliott Private, WWII
Edwin Thomas Gray WWII, Army
Wayne Olden “Buck” Johnson WWII, Navy
Homer Louis “Boots” RandolphWWII, Saxophone player in U.S. Army Band.
Frank YatesWWII, Navy

Korean War

Robert Loy Elliott III Korean War, Marine Corps
Ronnie JohnsonKorean War, Army, radio operator