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Miscellaneous Documents
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Attorneys, Judges, Politicians, and government service

David BrasfieldJustice of the Peace, Wake County, NC, Apr. 1833.
Col. Robert Malone BuggJustice of Peace 1840; TN State Legislature 1851-52, Wigg in Congress 1853; TN State Senate 1871-72.
Col. William Claiborne VA Governor's Council 1626; VA Secretary of State 1626-1637 and 1652-1660; VA Colony's Treasurer 1642.
Nicholas Darnall (1809 – 1878) – Marshall County, KY Judge 1874-1878.
Phillip Darnall Sheriff of Marshall County, KY 1849-1851.
Richard EppesHouse of Burgesses from Chesterfield County, VA in 1752, '55, '58 and '62-'65.
Capt. William FloodRep. Buckingham County, VA General Assembly.
Dr. Joel Walker FloodTwo terms in VA State Senate
Henry DeLaWarr FloodAttorney; U.S. Congressman
John Augustus FloodAttorney; MO State Senate 1876
John Jefferson FloodWas once judge of one of the Chariton County, MO Courts. He was executed for refusing to take the oath of allegiance to the Union.
Joseph FloodJudge and a professor at Westminister College, Fulton, MO.
Capt. Thomas Henry FloodCounty Recorder of Deeds in MO.
Tom GarrettPaducah, KY Attorney; Rep. 2nd Dist. in KY State Senate 1962-79. 
Alexander Banks GeorgeJudge on the Supreme Bench of LA.
Patrick HenryAttorney; passed bar exam in Williamsburg, VA in 1760; House of Burgesses from Louisa County, VA 1765; first Governor of VA 1776; VA House of Delegates 1780; VA State Legislature 1799.  Known for “Give me liberty or give me death!” 
Phillip Goodbread Henson Marshall County, KY Justice of the Peace
Thomas JeffersonAttorney; second Governor of VA1779-1781; Delegate to the Congress of the Confederation from VA 1783-1784; United States Minister to France 1785-1789; first United States Secretary of State 1790-1793; second Vice President of the United States 1797-1801; third President United States 1801-1809.
Samuel E. LewisJudge in Shelby County, KY and Sullivan County, MO.
William McGee – Justice of the Peace 1823-35; one of the first magistrates elected to southern part of Christian County, KY.
Dr. Edward Fontaine Perkins (g-g-grandson of Patrick Henry) – Democratic State Senator 1874 for the Sixth Senatorial District of MO where he served one term of four years.
Dr. Patrick “Park” Henry Perkins (g-g-grandson of Patrick Henry) – Mayor of Linneus, MO 1881on Temperance Ticket.
William Samuel RandolphKY House of Representatives from Caldwell County 1900-01.
Dr. James Harris SmithProbate Judge, Scott County, AR 1860-62; AR State Legislature 1876.
Capt. John Stith, Jr.High Sheriff of Charles City County, VA; member of House of Burgesses 1692-93.
Lt. Col. Drury StithSheriff ; member of House of Burgesses.
Maj. John StithIn 1680 he was an Attorney and a Magistrate for Charles City County, VA; 1685-1686 he represented Charles City County in the House of Burgesses.
Ferdinand WadlingtonJustice of the Peace
William WattmerMayor of Canterbury, England in 1608 and 1629
Col. Robert WynneHe was a Burgess for Charles City County, VA by 1658; he was Speaker of the House of  Burgesses during Virginia's Long Parliament (1661-1675); in charge of surveying, planning, and improving all public roads in the colony.
Maj. Joshua WynneHe was a Justice in Charles City County, VA, Feb. 23, 1698; member of the House of Burgess, 1702-1704; after Prince George was cut off from that County, he was Sheriff of Prince George County 1705-1711.
Maj. Robert WynneJustice; Coroner; Sheriff in VA in 1716
Robert WynneMayor of Canterbury, England in 1599
Frank YatesGraves County, KY Deputy County Court Clerk 1945; Graves County, KY Circuit Court Clerk 1956-81.
Nathan Morris “Fatty” YatesGraves County, KY Coroner 1933; Graves County, KY Court Clerk 1941-1949; and Graves County, KY Circuit Court Clerk 1951-1956.


Basil GeorgeDoctor
Joseph Langston GeorgeDoctor in MS
Edward F. Perkins (1833 – 1905) – Doctor in MO, attended the McDowell Medical College in St. Louis, MO 1854/55.
Patrick Henry Perkins (1829 – 1910) – Doctor, attended the McDowell Medical College in St. Louis, MO.
James Harris Smith (1813 – 1905) – Doctor, began the study of medicine about 1841, attended 1845-46, the Louisville Medical Institute of KY, after which he at once entered upon his practice in AL, where he continued until 1856, when he moved to Scott County, AR.


Henry Darnall (1779 – 1860) – Primitive Baptist Minister
Henry Darnall (1817 – 1836) – Baptist Minister
Nicholas Darnall (1809 – 1878) – Primitive Baptist Minister
William R. Darnall (1811- 1896) – Baptist Minister
Allen J. Elliott (1789 – 1864) – Methodist Reverend. “ He was converted in 1810, and in 1813 was admitted to the Virginia Conference, labored three years, and then one year, after which he traveled five years in the Kentucky Conference on the Dixon, Dover, and Princeton circuits, in all of which were very useful as a minister of God.”
Freeman Fitzgerald (1792 – 1852/54) – Reverend
John Flood III (c. 1785 – c. 1810) – Episcopalian Minister.  He did missionary work for the poor in Washington, DC.
Moses Flood (1765 – 1852) – Baptist Minister
Noah Flood (1809 – 1873) – Baptist Minister in MO
Nathaniel Jackson (1760 – 1820) – Baptist Minster.  He served as Minister of Padgetts Creek & Tiger River Baptist. Church in Union County, SC.
Samuel Dorman MurffReverend in the Methodist Episcopal Church South.
William Perkins (1800 – 1871) – Reverend in the Methodist Episcopal Church South.  "The History of Linn County, Missouri" An encyclopedia of useful information. p. 461 & 462:  Dr. Patrick Henry Perkins; The history of the Perkins family as elsewhere given is complete, except that part personal to the scion whose name heads this sketch. Dr. Patrick Henry Perkins (called Park in the family) is a son of the Rev. William Perkins mentioned in the biography of Dr. Edward F. Perkins. He is a brother of the latter, and consequently a great-great-grandson of the illustrious Patrick Henry, of Virginia. He (Dr. Perkins) was born in Henry County, Virginia, on the twenty-second of January, 1829. When he was about eight years old his father, in 1837, moved with his family to Missouri, settling in Howard County.
A. William N. Randolph (1825 – 1862) – Methodist Minister.  He was pastor of the Henderson Methodist Church 1856-57.
Giles Richardson Randolph (1837 – ) – Methodist Minister and school teacher.
John Randolph (1829 – 1864) – Methodist Minister.  Pastor of Morganfield Methodist.
Thomas Jessie Randolph (1838 – 1916) – Methodist Minister
William Stith (1707 – 1755) – Reverend.  Received B.A. 27 Feb., 1727 and M.A. 20 Nov., 1730 from Oxford.  In 1731 he was elected Master of the grammar school of William and Mary College and Chaplain to the House of Burgesses.  In 1752 he was elected President of William and Mary College.
Lawrence Washington (1602 – 1652) (g-g-grandfather of Pres. George Washington) – Reverend

Other Notes of Interest

Sylvester ChunnHas a Highway (US 412 / SR 99) in TN named after him.
Joseph Lee Flood Harry Truman Connection. From "The New History of Shelby Co., KY, Shelby Co. Historical Society, Harmony House Publishers, 2003": Joseph built the Clayton Holmes house in Old Christiansburg, Shelby Co., KY. Dr. James Clayton purchased the house. Dr. Clayton's wife was a Catherine Holmes whose sister was Mary Jane Holmes. Mary Jane married Anderson Shipp Truman 13 Aug., 1846. They were the grandparents of President Harry Truman.
Maj. Henry FloodInnkeeper for Thomas Jefferson
John and Anne (Washington) StithAnne was cousin to President George Washington.  She and her husband John Stith lived on land adjoining Mount Vernon.  President George Washington bought tract after death of John and Anne.  It is now part of Mount Vernon and is known as “Stith’s Field”.
Robert and Frances (Wattermer) WynneDied of the Plague in England
James Weldon “Nappy” YatesHe was the subject of an early "Ripley's Believe It or Not" column when he scored all the points for both teams during the annual Thanksgiving footballgame between Mayfield and Paducah, KY in 1925.
Nathan “Fatty” Yateswrote the book “The World Famous Wooldridge Monuments - Strange Procession Which Never Moves" by Colonel Nathan Yates.  (I don't know why he listed himself as Colonel - he was not).  It shows no date as to when it was written. Jonathan R. ElliottThe following letter is in Sam Houston Correspondence
Tennessee Documentary History, 1796-1850

[Letter] 1828 Mar. 14
[to] Governor Samuel Houston, Nashville, Ten [nessee] / Residents of Canton County, Kentucky
Author: Residents of Canton County, Kentucky
Date: March 14, 1828
Extent: 4p
Summary: This document is a letter drafted by the residents of Canton County, Kentucky to Samuel Houston (1827-1829) dated March 14, 1828. The letter asks Governor Houston to use his influence with the Governor of Kentucky to settle a boundary dispute between two counties. The existing Walker line is in dispute with the citizens. The citizens have put their signatures on the letter requesting the assistance ofGovernor Houston.
Collection: Governor Sam Houston Correspondence, Jackson-Woods
Box: 1
Folder: 3
Document: tl211
Signers include: Jonathan Elliott, Jonathan Elliott Jr., Thomas S. Elliott, Allen Elliott, and William Pryor and Samuel Canaday.