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Harris, Alsea
Rutherford County, TN, Record Book 14, page 196-197:
Harris, Alsea, dec'd
I, ALSEA HARRIS do make and appoint this my last will and testament revoking and making void all other wills by me heretofore made. First, my wish is that my funeral expenses and all my debts be paid out of any money that may be in hand or that may first come into the hands of my Executors. Secondly, I give to my wife SUSANAH HARRIS all the land deeded to me by GWEN [or GREEN] FOSTER and ABEL NANCE also one negro named Elyott, Hannah his wife and two children, one named Martha and one named Mary Tennessee with all their increase also my carriage and two mules first choice also one Saddle horse her choice together with one half of my household and Kitchen furniture and one half of my farming utensils. I also give my wife thirty sheep, fifty head of stock hogs, and fifteen head of cattle all to be her choice. Thirdly, I give to my adopted son ALSEA HARRIS one thousand dollars to be paid him by my Executors at the expiration of two years after my death. Fourthly, I give to the children of my sister DELILA HEFLIN all the land deeded to me by GEORGE COMER. Fifthly, I give to my sister ELIZABETH GRIMES all the land deeded to me by CHARLES HOLDEN. I give my brother BEVERLY HARRIS one thousand dollars to be appropriated to the payment of his debts where the creditors will take principal without interest also I give to said BEVERLY the tract of land on which he now lives, it being all the land deeded to me by WILLIAM DONELSON. I also give my brother SIMPSON HARRIS all the land deeded to me by THOMAS SMITH except a tract deeded by me to JOHN HARRIS and his two sons, also all the land deeded to me by JOHN WOOD that has not been otherwise disposed of. I give my brother in law KENCHEN TUCKER the tract of land deeded to me by WILLIAM FOSTER. I give my sister NANCY SPENCE all the land deeded to me by JOSEPH HOLDEN also one negro man Tom and his wife Matilda. I give my sister Polly Jarratt all the land deeded to me by George W. MALLARD. I give my sister ANNY TUCKER one negro man Nelson, his wife Dolly and their child Henry with their increase. I give ELIZABETH POTTS, widow of ABNER POTTS, dec'd, one negro girl named Dealy Ann. I give my nephew CHARLES C. HARRIS five hundred dollars. I give the children of my nephew ALSEA HARRIS, dec'd five hundred dollars. I give my nephew ANDERSON HARRIS two hundred dollars. I give to P. C. STEEL, WASHINGTON B. COOPER, JONATHAN COOPER, WILLIAM COOPER, CATHARINE STEEL, SARRY SPRINGER, MARY TUNE, and MALINDA PUCKETT one hundred dollars each to be paid them at the expiration of two years after my death. I give my nephew RICHARD HARRIS five hundred Dollars. I give LOUISA ADCOCK, wife of ALSEA ADCOCK three hundred dollars. I give CINTHEA HEWOTT fifty dollars. It is my wish that my old servant Abram be free after my death and that my Executors pay him twenty five dollars a year for two years. I give to the Church in Middleton one hundred dollars also to the Church at Lebanon Campground fifty dollars the money to be paid by my Executors to make the ___ compatable all the balance of my property both real and personal not disposed of I wish to be sold on a credit of twelve months (Credit) after all expenses paid & my Executors pay of the legatees the balance to be equally divided between my living brothers and sisters. It is my wish to be buried at the grave yard at BENNET PHILIPS old place in neat poor People Style also my wish is that JOHN RUSHING and JOHN HARRIS preach my funeral and that they be paid twenty dollars each by my Executors. Lastly, I appoint WILLIAM VINSON and LEWIS TUCKER my Executors and CHARLES READY their attorney in witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal this 25th March 1846.
Signed published and delivered in presence
I, ALSEA HARRIS having heretofore made and published my last will and testament do make and declare this as a codicil thereto to wit, First I give in addition to that I did in the above will the remaining half of all my household and kitchen furniture and also one gold watch also one negro boy named Saml in addition to what I have given in the above will to my wife SUSANAH HARRIS. Secondly, I give Sixty acres of land from the west end of the DONELSON land and five acres from the CHARLES HOLDEN tract so as to embrace ___ mill in addition to what I have given to NANCY SPENCE in the above will. Thirdly, I give three hundred dollars to ELIZABETH POTTS in lieu of the negro girl that I gave her in the above will. Fourthly, I give ALFRED MALLARD my nephew thirty acres of ___ land deeded to me by CHARLES HOLDEN and joining the GEORGE MALLARD tract and a negro boy named Dick at sometimes called Arcus. Witness my hand and seal the 20th January 1847.
State of Tennessee}
Rutherford County Court November Term 1847
The execution of the foregoing last will testament & codicil thereto of Alsea Harris, dec'd, was duly proved in open court by the oath of W. T. BASKETT, JAMES A. MARR, C. G. MCLEAN at the above mentioned term of said court subscribing witnesses thereto & was ordered to be recorded.

Harris, Mary “Polly”
Rutherford County, TN, Deed Book 3, Page 701.
No. 9
To Deed Trust
(Dd to THOS. S. JARRATT April 16th 1849)

Whereas one MARY JARRATT and ROBERT JARRATT are entitled in right of the said MARY to a distributive share of the personal estate of BEVERLY HARRIS, deceased the said MARY being one of the children of the said BEVERLY HARRIS deceased now for the consideration of one dollar to us paid by THOMAS S. JARRETT we do hereby transfer and convey to the said THOMAS S. JARRATT as Trustee for the sole and separate use of the said MARY JARRATT during her life if the said ROBERT should survive the said MARY JARRATT then to his use and benefit during his life and at the death of the said MARY and the said ROBERT then the estate aforesaid to be divided Equally between the following children of the said MARY JARRATT, to wit, ALFRED WEST, SIMPSON WEST, LEVI WEST, RACHEL EDWARDS, ELIZABETH SMOTHERMAN, being her children by her former husband and MARY JARRATT, ROBERT JARRATT, and FRANCES ANN JARRETT, her children by her Husband the said ROBERT JARRATT share and share alike. To have and hold the said distributive share to the said THOMAS S. JARRATT his heirs and assigns as Trustee aforesaid, and we warrant and defend the title to the same against the lawful claims of all persons. The said THOMAS S. JARRATT is to demand & receive from the administrators of the said BEVERLY HARRIS, deceased in all or any persons holding the said distributive share and hold and retain the same for the Trusts and uses aforesaid. And the said THOMAS S. JARRATT is hereby empowered to change the character of said Estate to sell the same or buy other property with it with the approbation of the said MARY JARRATT and as he the said THOMAS may consider for the interest and benefit of the said MARY JARRETT. Given under our hands and seals, this first January 1849.
ROBERT (his X mark) JARRATT (seal)
MARY (her X mark) JARRATT (seal)
State of Tennessee}
Rutherford County} Personally appeared before me JOHN WOODS Clerk of the County Court of Said County the within named ROBERT JARRATT and MARY JARRATT, the bargainers with whom I am personally acquainted & who acknowledged that they Executed the within deed for the purpose therein Contained, and MARY JARRATT (the femme covert) having also personally appeared before me privately and apart from her Husband the said ROBERT JARRATT acknowledged the Execution of said deed to have been done by her freely voluntarily and understandingly without compulsion or restraint from her said husband and for the purpose therein expressed.
Witness JOHN WOODS Clerk of Said County at office this 9th day of January 1849
Registered Jany 15th 1849

Ingram, Benjamin (son was Charlton Walton Ingram)
N.C.: Caswell County Will Books 1777-1814, Page 30: Book B:
325 Div. lands of BENJAMIN INGRAM, decd. between his 3 sons JAMES, JOHN, and CHARLTON INGRAM. Land on main road adj. Miles old corner and Graves line. 8 Mar 1790. By JERRE POSTON, surveyor, ABRAM MILES, JOHN KENNON, SAMUEL HENDERSON, THOS. MILES SEN., JOSHUA JAMES.

Ingram, John
"Maryland Calendar of Wills 1732-1738", by Jane Baldwin Cotton, Page 23:
Ingram, John, planter, Baltimore Co.,
31st Mch., 1733
8th June 1733

To son JOHN, son of JOHN INGRAM and hrs. pt. of "Michael's Chance" and "Addition" on east side Double Run; sd. son dying without issue sd. lands to pass to son BENJAMIN and hrs.
To son BENJAMIN and hrs., land on w. side of afsd. Run; sd. son dying without issue to son JAMES and hrs.; shd. all sons afsd. die without issue lands afsd. to pass to female hrs.
To son WILLIAM INGRAM, and dau DORKAS TUCKER ls. each.
Wife ______ extx. shd. she marry to have her thirds.
20. 700.

Ingram, Mahala
Will found in Trigg Co., KY Will Book C. pages 87 & 88.

Jackson, John Jr.
Will made 22 Feb 1739/40 & proved 1 Jan 1746/47, Brunswick County, VA.

Jackson, Mark
Henry County, TN, Will Books
Vol. H Oct. 1856 - Jan. 1863
Page 310-313

A State Inventory of the property belonging to the estate of MARK JACKSON, dec'd. which was sold on December 17, 1858 from following pieces

1 Basket of contents .05
1 Pot Rack .30
2 Axes .20
1 Box of Sundries .10
1 do .35
1 Pair of Trace chains .20
1 Pair of Steelyard .30
1 Sir single? .25
1 Cutting knife & box? .15
1 Frow? .35
1 Set of Gears .90
1 Lot of nails .30
1 Axe & hammer .20
1 Bridle & hook .95
1 Shovel axe & Bench .30
1 Pot .50
1 Lot of sundrie .25
1 Lot of Harness Leather 2.00
1 Salf Bushel? .30
2 Baskets .35
1 Shovel .50
1 Log chain 1.00
1 Crop cut Saw 3.90
1 hand wedge .20
1 do .20
1 Barrel .50
1 Reel .10
1 Box of sundries .30
1 Lot of Pinchens? .40
1 Drawing knife .20
1 do .10
1 Hand saw .40
1 hammer & axe .30
2 Augers .10
1 Skillet .40
2 Smoothing irons .05
2 Pans .10
1 Tin Bucket .40
1 Coffee pot .10
1 Tin qt. pot .15
1 Table .15
1 Stone jar .10
1 Large jar .30
1 do " .15
2 do " .15
1 Stone churn .25
1 Skillet .45
1 Tea kettle .50
1 Baker .15
2 ovens & lids .15
1 do & hooks .25
1 Skillet .70
1 Bucket & Dipper .25
1 Lot of nails .10
1 Kettle & hooks 2.30
1 do .25
1 jug .20
1 do .10
1 Lot of Barrels .10
1 Trumpet? .15
1 Scythe & cradle 1.00
1 do .80
1 Lot of irons .50
1 bling? .20
1 Plow 1.75
1 do .25
1 Turning Plow?1.00
1 do .15
1 Harness? .55
1 Plow .85
1 Fan mill 1.00
1 Lot of Hogs 15.00
1 Grind stone 2.15
1 Cow 11.05
1 do 14.00
1 Mare 137.25
1 Colt 30.00
1 Lot of sheep 10.08
1 Lot of Bacon 10.29
1 Lot of Tubs? .25
1 Barrel of Salt .60
1 do " " 2.80
1 Barrel of vinegar 1.00
1 Barrel of molasses 3.25
1 Lot of Rye (or Rice)? 2.10
1 mowing blade 1.00
1 Barrel of vinegar 3.00
1 Table .05
1 Tub & Canghpt? .10
1 Lot of sundries 4.10
1 Stove ?
1 tray & sifter .20
2 Barrels .05
1 do .40
1 Spinning wheel 2.00
1 Loom & harness 5.20
1 Box & plain? .05
1 Saddle 3.20
1 do 1.30
1 Small table 3.55
1 Candle Stand 1.45
1 Side Board 5.50
1 Cupboard 3.00
1 Glass .15
1 Picture? .30
1 Chest 2.15
1 Keg? .10
1 block .40
1 do 9.00
1 Pa___ 3.15
1 Bed furniture 12.25
1 Stead 3.50
1 Bed & furniture 12.50
1 Stead 3.50
1 Bed & furniture 11.00
1 Bed stead 3.00
1 Lot wire? .05
1 Bed & furniture 10.00
1 Bed stead 1.10
1 Jar .10
1 do .16
1 Pair of Sheers .65
1 Lot of Books .20
1 Lot do .10
1 do .20
1 do 2.00
1 do 1.05
1 Set of cups & saucers .35
1 Sugar bowl .10
1 Set of plates & knives 1.00
1 do .50
1 Set of spoons .80
1 do 1.00
1 Set of knives & forks .55
1 can .55
1 Pitcher .25
1 Set cups & saucers .45
1 Candle stick .20
1 Razor strap .10
1 set of tumblers .05
1 Lot Blacking .10
1 Brush .20
2 Boxes Blacking .15
1 Shaving box .10
1 Pair candle mould .26
1 Lot sement? .10
1 Lancet .25
1 Lot Bottles .10
1 Lot Buttons .45
1 Coffee mill & lamps? .15
1 Table 1.00
1 Shot Gun 2.70
1 do " 7.50
1 Bed stead 4.00
1 Counter pane? 2.70
1 do " " 50
1 do " " 1.10
1 Sheet .55
1 Quilt 1.05
1 do 1.00
1 Quilt 1.15
1 do 1.30
1 do 1.05
1 Blanket 2.05
1 do 2.75
1 Quilt 1.00
1 do 1.20
1 Bag of botton? 1.34
1 Bolt of Domestic 2.55
1 Blankets 1.50
1 do .45
1 do .15
1 Set of chairs 3.15
1 Lot do 2.80
1 do .35
1 Lot of jars 2.40
1 Stack of oats 8.05
1 do 3.00
1 Pair Saddle Bags .95
1 Lot of sundries .21
1 Bell .05
1 Jar .05
1 Kingter glass? .25
1 Lot of chickens .65
2 Raw hides 30 1/2 3.15
1 Lot Pork 40.30

List of notes on hand at his death

1 Note on JEFFERSON ALEXANDER due 17th December 1858 $284.00
(*born Union, SC)
To cash on hand $57.50
1 Note on G. W. ALEXANDER due 25th December 1857 $750.40
(*George Washington Alexander - brother to Jefferson)
1 Do on G. W. COOLEY due 25th December 1858 $66.00?
1 Note on ANDREW JACKSON due 17th December 1858 $1800.00
1 Note on GILES JACKSON due 25th December 1857 $40.00?
1 Note on do " due 25th December 1857 $33.77
1 Note on A. HALL due 25th December 1857 $45.00
1 Note on A. C. JACKSON due 25th December 1858 $22.00
1 Note on JOSEPH KINDALL due 25th December 1858 $13.50
1 Note on J. R. BAUGHMAN due 1st July 1857 $12.50
1 W. J. HUNT Receipt doubtful due 18th of July 1857 $23.00
1 Note on Lightfoot & Wilkins doubtful due 24th November 1855 $10.00
1 Corn Note W. C. KING 25 bushels of corn doubtful
1 Note on do " " " doubtful 25th D___ $1.25
1 account on B. A. Lightfoot & Wilkins doubtful $10.00

all of which is respectfully submitted
Sworn to before me Feb./July? the 19th 1859

Jackson, Thomas
Brunswick County, VA, Will Book 3. 415-(28) Will of Thomas Jackson Sr. made 15 Aug 1751, proved 24 Sep 1751:
Of St Andrews Parish. "being Sick and Weak"
To my son THOMAS - 5 shillings.
To my son JOHN - 400 acres on both sides of Cabin Branch.
To JOHN JACKSON - a set of trooper's arms, 1 pewter dish & bason, etc.
To my son RALPH - negro boy Dick, but sd RALPH to pay ANN JACKSON 20 days' work "so long as she lives single;" also 1 pewter bason, etc.
To my son DANIEL - negro boy Mingo, but sd DANIEL to pay ANN JACKSON 20 days' work as above; also 2 feather beds & furniture, etc.
To my son PETER - the plantation where I now live with 250 acres, but ANN JACKSON to have liberty as long as she lives single; also to my son PETER, 1 negro man Coffey but ANN JACKSON to have 20 days' work as above; also to my son PETER 1 feather bed & furniture, the pot that was Watson's, etc.
To my daughters MARY RANEY & ANN JACKSON - 200 acres on the (torn) side of Little Creek, joining LEMUEL (TORN) LEMUEL COCKE, the road that goes from CHAMBERLINS Foard to ALLENS' Mill; also 150 acres, joining CHAMBERLIN, RICHARD PARKER, & also joining the land I have given to my son DANIEL; also 1 round table, etc.
To my daughter ANN JACKSON - 2 feather beds & furniture, the pot that was Sisson's etc.
To PETER JACKSON son of WILLIAM JACKSON dec'd - 1 cow & calf, 1 heifer.
Other legacies & provisions.
424-(48) Inventory & appraisal of the estate of THOMAS JACKSON dec'd. Included were negroes man Cuff, boy Dick, boy Mango. Appraised by WILLIAMCOLLIER, SAMPSON LANIER, ADAM SIMS. Signed by JOHN JACKSON & DANIEL JACKSON excrs. Returned to Court 1 Jan 1752.

Jackson, William
Union County Heritage South Carolina 975.741 H2V:
WILLIAM JACKSON's estate was appraised Dec 12,1816 by FREDERICK JACKSON, JR.,
HOSEA RAY, MARK MURPHY and JONATHAN ALEXANDER. MARTHA JACKSON Administered his estate. Lists daughter, LYDIA ALEXANDER as one of his children along with SARAH ALEXANDER. (Frederick Jackson, Jr. is William's nephew and son of William's brother Frederick Jackson).